Vendor List

We’re excited to welcome back a number of returning vendors for the 2020 season, as well as welcome many new vendors to our Market family.  Stay tuned for a complete list of all the vendors you can visit this year at Peaceful Soul Farmer’s Market, including:

• MCR Farms

• Feinen Farm

• Silver Falls Farm

• Roberto Farm

• Kwilos Farms

Want to Become a Vendor?

Are you a vendor looking to be part of the Peaceful Soul Farmers Market?

Call Market Manager, Azalia Garlow at (716) 903-7066

Farmers Market Participation Rules:

Market Operation: The market will operate every Tuesday, 10am-3pm, from June 16th through October 27th at 11359 Southwestern Blvd, Irving N.Y. 14081, on Native Pride premises.

The Peaceful SOUL Farmers Market is a registered market with the State of New York Department of Agriculture and Markets. The Market meets and exceeds requirements from the state for locally produced products and foods. All products being sold must be listed on this application and/or crop plan.

All Market vendors must apply and be accepted prior to setting up and vending. The Market Manager will be responsible for selecting market participants.

  1. The term “farmer”, as used herein, means someone who grows at least 60% of what he or she sells at the Market. The term “artisan”, as used herein, means someone who makes and sells handmade items at the Market. Other vendors will be approved at the discretion of the Market Manager.
  2. Market is opened to approved farms, artists, and crafters. Market vendors, will be required to attend an informational meeting in the spring presented by the market manager. Participants are highly encouraged to attend this meeting in order to discuss the upcoming market season, rule changes, etc. Any vendor wishing to participate following the meeting will be at the discretion of the market manager.
  3. All vendors must be ready to sell by 10am. It is the vendor responsibility to arrive on time, to provide ample set up time to open at 10am.
  4. Vendors MUST notify market manager one week in advance if unable to attend.
  5. Spaces for the Market will be assigned by the market manager. The market manager reserves the right to refuse any vendor from participating in the market.
  6. The 2020 structure fee as follows. Vendors must pay to adequately advertise the market. Daily vendors must pay by 11am when market opens. The weekly fee is $20.
  7. Vendors supply their own tables, chairs, stand, signage, electrical cords, and/or canopy as needed. Please advise if electricity is required for your operation.
  8. A participation in the farmers market checks onlyfor locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables including cooking herbs, and unpainted pumpkins. “Locally” grown includes Western New York and Western Pennsylvania.
  9. All farmers mustgrow 60% to participate in the Market. A participating farmer may purchase from another local grower, but product must be grown locally.
  10. Baked goods (excluding custard, cream, pumpkin pies and pickles) confections, and fruit jellies produced in the home may be sold. No home canned, non-acid food such as beans, corn, or meat – due to inherent danger- will be allowed to be served. Those wishing to sell all of the above must obtain proper licensing. Vendor must obtain a 20c license for all fruit breads.
  11. Food vendors, including those selling baked goods, must provide a copy of their Chautauqua or Erie County Health Department Health Permit confirming an inspected kitchen.
  12. Farmers engaged in the sale of plant material are required to be licensed in accordance with article 14 of the Agriculture and Markets Law. Any vendor growing or selling plants or who buys and sells plants intended for outdoor use is required to be licensed as a nursery grower or a nursery dealer respectively.
  13. The Market is a SMOKE FREE environment.
  14. All vendors must dress appropriately for the market and present themselves in a manner appropriate for a family friendly event.
  15. Handcrafted items only are allowed – no flea market items. No political or religious items are allowed. The market manager reserves the right to deny sale of any item deemed unfit.
  16. All vendors must maintain a clean and presentable booth at all times. All spaces must be swept clean and debris removed from the space provided at the market.
  17. All vendors must provide visible signage distinguishing their farm or business as mandated by NYS Agriculture and Markets.
  18. All products must be properly marked, priced, and visible to the customers at 10am when the market opens.
  19. Every vendor represents the integrity of the Peaceful SOUL Farmers Market. Customers are the key to success of the Market.  All vendors must exhibit quality customer service at all times.
  20. The market manager may schedule a farm visit at any time during the season.
  21. In accordance with current CDC regulations and guidelines in regards to COVID-19, all vendors must wear gloves and a mask at all times while on market grounds.
  22. Rules and regulations subject to change without notice. Violators of the rules will be suspended or asked to leave based on the opinions of the market vendors, market manager and market sponsor.